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Clay "LANKO" Lapari currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Kristen, where he works in the TV writing industry. He wrote a short film called Ouji Bored and has a series of funny short films on Xtranormal. Lanko is currently working on a short film called Time Trials. As a Sumupid, his height and stature were effective as a basketball center and football lineman. Check out Lanko's Youtube channel.

The Sumupids were an intramural sports team formed in 1996 at Baton Rouge Magnet High School. They dominated* all sports at BRMHS during their 1996-1997 senior year including football, basketball, and volleyball. After highschool, the Sumupids moved on towards different paths with the same goal of dominating the world in their own way.

*Though they never won a championship, the Sumupids lost in the finals or almost made it to the finals in all sports.

Other Notable Sumupids:
James "HUSTLE" Caldwell
Erkut "HAIRCUT" Borazanci

John "JERRY RICE" Standifer


Sumupids after winning a K-Town reunion football game

Sumupids Take over the White House

The Beetle flashing a Sumupids symbol while driving







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Sumeet "THE BEETLE" Barai lives in Austin, TX with his wife Raven and kids Rheya and Lyric, where he works in the high tech industry. He is web designer for the popular Guitar Jumps website. Beetle has played in numerous punk bands starting with Mr. Bob in 1997 with Clay and Sajan; he currently plays drums in Calvin and the Shitpunks. Check out The Buzeetle's website and Youtube Channel.

Wesley "THE WEASEL"Boudreaux lives in California with his wife Christine and son Graydon. He works with retirement investments. Unfortunately, there was no intramural golf competition at BRMHS since he is a remarkable golfer. Check out The Weaz's website.


Travis "COOLIO" Hinson lives in Boston where he works as a a doctor of Internal Medicine. Outside of being the team's star quarterback, Coolio is also arguably the brains of the team.

Fred "DERF" Sangokoya lives in Queens, NY and works as an IT professional in Manhattan. He also runs a computer services company called theMovement Services.

Perry "PING-PONG" Wang lives in Austin, TX where he works as an accountant.


Neil "NO COKE" Patel lives in New Orleans where he just finished getting his MBA at Tulane. He got his nickname after swearing not to drink coke anymore.

Gitesh "GTECH" Chheda is a Radiologist. Gtech is an avid sports fan and like most other Sumupids and Louisiana natives, he was thrilled with the Saints performance in Superbowl 44.


Sajan "SAJ-MAHAJ" Mahajan Lives in Dallas, TX with his wife Tina and daughter Anya. Next time you break a bone in Dallas, you may run into him since he's a Radiologist. One of San-Mahaj's hobbies is playing guitar. Back in 1996, he taught The Beetle his first power chord.